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Finding a job can be difficult and discouraging. Whether transitioning out of an unfulfilling position, getting a job right out of college, or trying to make a career pivot, there are many different obstacles to finding the fight fit.

With office practices and technology constantly changing the jobs landscape, it's important to stay updated on the best ways to land a role. Check out these job search tips and remember the teams at Boston staffing firms are always a great resource, too.


Not only should a resume be up to date, it should also be interesting. A resume is an employer's first image of a potential hire, and it should speak to that person's individuality. While a resume or CV doesn't have to be flashy, it also doesn't take too much to make it more dynamic than a list in Microsoft Word. Basic graphic design tools like Canva already have resume templates built in, making it easier than ever to take a list of professional positions and accomplishments from tedious to tremendous. Most people suggest having positions listed in terms of recency, but sometimes a big name or major accomplishment can be listed up top to catch the eye of the hiring manager.


Many job interview processes will ask for references. Having them on hand and ready to go will save time down the road. Additionally, alerting the references that they may be hearing from a hiring manager or potential employer is a great way to have them prepped with talking points.


The best way to prep for an in-person interview, when that time comes, is to just do as much research as possible. Thankfully, the internet makes this easier than ever. Most companies will have a lot of information available, and platforms like Linkedin are also a great way to get some insight into the structure of a company. With these tips, a candidate will be better prepared than ever.
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